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Lamar County Planning Department provides its citizens and developers with assistance when there are questions related to storm water, flooding, and construction site stabilizing...

In Lamar County from time to time when a citizen has an issue, such as water flowing down a hill and eroding the grass and soil, Lamar County Planning Department Development Official gets a call to go out and take a look at it.  Meeting with the land owners and providing them with tips and suggestions to keep the soil and grass in its place.  It could be as simple as creating at ditch at the top of the hill to divert the water, or as elaborate as creating a terraced step style landscape that is less likely to erode because of water slowing down.

Planning Department also gets calls from developers and builders as to providing them with suggestions on how to keep a part of the site from eroding away while they are working in the area.  Everything from dirt berms to spreading loose hay over the area and wetting it so it sticks to the soil could be used.

Number One Thing To Remember Lamar County Planning Department is here to help not just the developers and builders, but is here to help the citizens. We would rather meet with someone before any problems occur so we can at least get some discussion about the matter prior to any problems arising.
Source: Lamar County Planning