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OverviewBeing one of the fastest developing Counties in Mississippi, Lamar County realizes that it needs to have in place a Site Plan Management program, which has a Site Plan Review Ordinance that allows the County Planning Department, County Engineer, and the Board of Supervisors to review the projects and make changes as needed to promote the welfare of the County.

Site Plan Management allows Lamar County to ensure that proper traffic flow, drainage design, and functionality of the site to be developed is achieved. Included on this page is a link to the Site Plan Review Ordinance, as well as some basic documents to assist in what should be shown, or the standards designed to, in order to provide for the Planning Department as well as yourself, a simple quick review process to get your project started.
Site Plan Review OrdinanceLamar County's Site Plan Review Ordinance in PDF format is available for download and viewing through this link.
 Site Plan Review Ordinance  Entire
 Site Plan Review Ordinance Article 1- General
 Site Plan review Ordinance Article 2- Review
 Site Plan Review Ordinance Article 3- Enforcement, Appeals
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